Telestial by Ilyan Kei Lavanway for Madison Woods Friday Fictioneers 100-Word Flash Fiction

Raspberry Photo Prompt for Madison Woods Friday Fictioneers 100-Word Flash Fiction June 29, 2012, This image of raspberries is the photo prompt for June 29, 2012 Madison Woods Friday Fictioneers 100-word flash fiction writing challenge. My story is titled Telestial, and is posted on wordpress at the URL

Eve, the first to become mortal, remained inert until Adam followed suit. Adam’s mortal secretions were mutually reactive with Eve’s.

Mortality spread across the planet, becoming the first 100-percent lethal pandemic to effect every living organism on Earth. Within one millennium, physical death became a ubiquitous attribute.

Mortal life brought with it the capacity to procreate. Man, animal, and plant life began to multiply, producing offspring of their own kind, in their own image.

Earth descended from its Terrestrial estate, becoming a Telestial world for the next six thousand years. Welcome to the twilight of the sixth millennium. What’s next?

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About Ilyan Kei Lavanway

Ilyan Kei Lavanway is an independent LDS author and publisher. He writes fiction and non-fiction that will blow your mind and resonate with your soul, expounding timeless principles of truth. Much of his writing contains concepts that are unfamiliar to many readers. Lavanway aims to impart eternal perspectives to his readers while also providing evocative and stirring entertainment. If readers come away with only neutral opinions after reading his work, Lavanway says he has not done his job. If readers come away without questions they have never before asked, Lavanway again says he is not doing his job.
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18 Responses to Telestial by Ilyan Kei Lavanway for Madison Woods Friday Fictioneers 100-Word Flash Fiction

  1. Kwadwo says:

    A mixture of sci-fi and religion. Interesting approach.

  2. Kaitlin says:

    I like the idea of mortality as a pandemic sweeping the globe by procreation. Great job.

    • I may have been too vague on what actually spread mortality across the globe. Mortality was indeed the pandemic, but procreation was not the way it was spread.

      Mortality was prerequisite to procreation. No life could procreate until it first became mortal.

      However, procreation was an inherent and essential attribute of becoming mortal. Without procreation, every species would have become extinct within the first thousand years after Adam ate the forbidden fruit.

      Speaking of the fruit, God told Adam, “In the day that thou eatest thereof, thou shalt surely die.” One day for God is a millennium for mankind on Earth.

      Procreation was not even possible until life on the newly created Earth had fallen from its initial, paradisaical state, to a state of mortality. In other words, all life on earth, be it plant, animal, or human (only two humans at the time, namely Adam and Eve), would have lived indefinitely in a state of innocence, never becoming capable of reproduction, until both Adam and Eve had eaten the forbidden fruit.

      The forbidden fruit caused a biological change in their bodies, making them mortal. The idea in the story is that once both of them had become mortal, their combined bodily waste, such as sweat, urine, feces, breath, dead skin cells, etc. infected the environment like a pathogen.

      The pathogen was mortality itself, triggered by the fruit, but only able to spread after both Adam’s bodily waste and Eve’s bodily waste began mixing in the environment. Eve was the first to eat the forbidden fruit and become mortal, but Eve’s bodily waste alone was inert and had no effect on the environment. Thus, Eve was the only mortal on Earth until Adam later ate the fruit as well, which caused Adam to also become mortal.

      The mutually reactive properties of the combined excretions from both Adam and Eve is what initiated the spread of mortality to all life on the planet. Nothing on Earth was mortal until Adam and Eve became mortal.

      Think of it like having two vials, each containing a unique serum that, by itself does nothing. But when combined, the two serums interact and become a highly contagious pathogen that spreads by water and by air. Contact with water or air further intensifies the effects of the pathogen, exponentially accelerating its spread.

      Adam and Eve were like the two vials of serum. Their bodily waste products were analogous to the serum. Mortality was the pathogen resulting from the combination of their bodily waste products.

      I suppose most readers will think I am crazy, but I actually believe this to be a fact. I think something like this actually happened in the process of the fall of mankind.

      So, I guess, technically, my story is not flash fiction, but a 100-word anthropology lesson. School’s in session 🙂

      • rochellewisoff says:

        this reader doesn’t think you’re crazy at all. You might just be the sanest of us all. 😉

  3. raina says:

    great way to tell the story of the fall…. 🙂 Ours are both on the list. Here’s one of the links…

  4. A very different take on the prompt, that’s for sure!

    Here’s ours:

  5. A unique and interesting take on the prompt. I’m here and linked as well.

  6. Eve as a cross pollenating berry? Or something else? I’ll be honest I’m not sure how to read this. It does flow for some reason so that probably why I’ll be back trying to figure it out later. Here’s my offering:

    • Eve is human, as is Adam, created in God’s image, male and female, just as the Bible describes. My story is based on my own speculative theory in which I attempt to understand and elaborate on the physiological process through which the forbidden fruit introduced death into the world. Notice, I said physiological process, not evolutionary process.

      It is well known that whatever the forbidden fruit was, it effected a change in the bodies of Adam and Eve. Not a change from human to non-human, or from non-human to human, but a change from non-mortal to mortal.

      Adam and Eve, when first created, were given human bodies that were in a state of innocence, an existence that was neither mortal nor resurrected (you have to be mortal and die before you can be resurrected), but non-mortal. Eating the fruit made them fall out of that state of indefinite innocence and become mortal.

      Adam and Eve, and every other form of life on Earth, could not reproduce, age, die, or discern good from evil until both Adam and Eve had eaten the forbidden fruit. The forbidden fruit was a specific species of botany designed by God to do exactly what it did, introduce mortality into the world.

      Eve was not a cross pollinating berry or anything of that sort. The berry in the picture simply represents the forbidden fruit that Eve ate and then Adam ate. The biological effects of that fruit, once eaten, caused their bodies to become mortal.

      Once they had both become mortal, their excretions, carrying remnants of the fruit’s chemistry that was activated during digestion, combined to form some sort of pathogen that made every other form of life on the planet become mortal as well.

      Please see my reply to Kaitlin’s comment above for a more detailed explanation. I will be happy to elaborate further, if anyone is interested.

  7. That was absolutely fascinating.

  8. That was a very interesting take on the story, I have to admit. I think there could be a whole series of novels in there.

  9. billgncs says:

    I am piqued to check out your e-books

  10. Nifti says:

    Yes. A whole series. I agree. And a lesson you’ve given indeed.

  11. flyoverhere says:

    I am counting on what comes next to be better than the present! Good read!

  12. rochellewisoff says:

    I may never see Genesis quite the same way again. And I see this as a good thing. Thank you for your offering.

  13. Sandra says:

    Very interesting take on an the theme, and on an old theme. Something to think about there. Thanks.

  14. iamjimmydean says:

    great! i love this.
    this is the best line: “Mortality spread across the planet, becoming the first 100-percent lethal pandemic to effect every living organism on Earth.” very very good. I like the SCIFI feel.

    For more great scifi check out

    keep up the good work!

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