Unnatural Selection copyright 2012 Ilyan Kei Lavanway

image by lora mitchell photo prompt for madison woods friday fictioneers flash fiction story unnatural selection, This image of a finned statue is provided by Lora Mitchell as the photo prompt for the September 21, 2012 Madison Woods Friday Fictioneers 100-word flash fiction challenge. My contribution is titled Unnatural Selection, and is posted on my WordPress blog at https://ebooksscifi.wordpress.com

Cerianna nestled under Yaakov’s chin, warmed by his embrace, mesmerized by the distant lights of the new city. Yaakov listened, riveted to Professor Gidgiddoni’s presentation regarding the anthropological discovery.

“They had 120 years to perfect their mutation for survivability. While outwardly rejecting prophecy, some attempted circumvention by genetic manipulation, just in case. Can anyone tell me why they engineered these dorsal appendages?”

Silence. Bewilderment. The cold breeze distracted the students. Yaakov spoke.

“Radiation of extreme body heat caused by enhanced metabolism. Oxygen absorption while submerged.”

“Correct. Still, none of them survived.”

“Is it alien?” interjected Cerianna.

“No, Sweetie. It’s antediluvian.”

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About Ilyan Kei Lavanway

Ilyan Kei Lavanway is an independent LDS author and publisher. He writes fiction and non-fiction that will blow your mind and resonate with your soul, expounding timeless principles of truth. Much of his writing contains concepts that are unfamiliar to many readers. Lavanway aims to impart eternal perspectives to his readers while also providing evocative and stirring entertainment. If readers come away with only neutral opinions after reading his work, Lavanway says he has not done his job. If readers come away without questions they have never before asked, Lavanway again says he is not doing his job.
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10 Responses to Unnatural Selection copyright 2012 Ilyan Kei Lavanway

  1. Great title, and those evolutionary adaptions seem very plausible. And your dialog does sound just like a teaching speaking. Thanks for reading and commenting on my story. Ron

  2. Very interesting, Ilyan. I agree with Ron that your dialog definitely has that teaching tone. So, is it suggested that, while they’re not alien, they did indeed exist before AD? Nice take on the prompt! Thanks for reading mine, too.

  3. billgncs says:

    good one ! Enjoyed it, wonder what else was lost?

  4. A very interesting take on the prompt. Great dialogue, too.
    I’m 19 on the list this week.

  5. flyoverhere says:

    I was intrigued but think I need to find a dictionary… in other words it was a tad above me. 😉

  6. margaretraymond834397163 says:


  7. Interesting read but I have to admit…it soared way above my head. I think some of you intellectuals with your wild imaginations live in a totally different world than the average layman. Perhaps you were fed on a lot of Twilight Zone episodes or Sci-Fi as children. Not that there is anything wrong here…one of you may solve the secrets of the Universe, find a new planet or discover Atlantis. Nice work.

  8. dmmacilroy says:

    I enjoyed your play with words and the clues offered by the prompt. A very engaging piece.



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