Tu Espacio Florecerá como la Rosa ISBN 9780976800477 by Gabriel Salvador Mancuso

Tu Espacio Florecera como la Rosa ISBN 9780976800477 by Gabriel Salvador Mancuso photo 9780976800477_front_zps24b3f9b4.jpg

Announcing upcoming book release by Sr. Gabriel Salvador Mancuso. His book of Spanish poetry, Tu Espacio Florecerá como la Rosa, ISBN 9780976800477, contains 90 inspirational poems he has composed over a period of approximately twenty years. The release of this book and its English translation is on indefinite hold, awaiting author’s decision.



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Where did we come from? Why are we here?

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About Ilyan Kei Lavanway

Ilyan Kei Lavanway is an independent LDS author and publisher. He writes fiction and non-fiction that will blow your mind and resonate with your soul, expounding timeless principles of truth. Much of his writing contains concepts that are unfamiliar to many readers. Lavanway aims to impart eternal perspectives to his readers while also providing evocative and stirring entertainment. If readers come away with only neutral opinions after reading his work, Lavanway says he has not done his job. If readers come away without questions they have never before asked, Lavanway again says he is not doing his job.
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