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I am a Christian author and publisher. I am an active and worthy member of The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints, often called the LDS or Mormon Church, and yes, Mormons are Christians.

I served two years as a full-time missionary in the Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission, 1986 to 1988. I am happily married. My wife and I have one child, a son who has Down’s syndrome.

Much of my writing will introduce readers to LDS concepts and hopefully dispel many of the false rumors and misconceptions about LDS beliefs and practices.

I enjoy writing fiction and non-fiction works that draw upon timeless principles of truth. Much of my writing expresses concepts that are unfamiliar to many readers. I endeavor to infuse eternal perspectives into the minds of my readers, and at the same time provide thought provoking and captivating entertainment.

If readers come away with neutral opinions after reading my work, then I am not doing my job. If readers do not come away asking questions they have never before considered, then I am not doing my job.

Some of my work is LDS family friendly literature, but it will not be typical LDS drama. It will inspire readers ask what if, and why not, and how so. It will spur readers to see things from different angles, and ponder things in clear light, even for those who are already avid readers of LDS books.

Some of my work is far more intense and graphic than what one might expect to find find in typical LDS bookstores. In other words, I do not water down or sanitize my application of descriptive imagery, nor do I cater to reader sensitivity. Natural disasters, wars, political conspiracies, and other events of the last days are devoid of censorship. History and prophecy are uncensored. So is much of my writing.

I feel it is important to tell it and describe it in detail, as if it were real. My intent is to paint pictures in the minds of readers, and evoke emotions in the hearts of readers, leaving no room for confusion, expressing each scene in a manner that cannot be mistaken for anything other than what I envision it to be. My first real book, Earth Sink, ISBN 9780976800439, published in 2010, is precisely such an example.

Admittedly, my approach creates a challenge for me, as an author. I am too religious for secular readers. I am too Mormon for mainstream Christian readers. And I am too intense for mainstream LDS readers.

So, to this day, I remain for the most part an invisible author, unread by many who could benefit from my work. I have so much to express, but few are willing to read or consider what I offer. Nevertheless, I write with the faith of the ancients, that at some future time, my work will be of benefit to many, and God will vindicate me in the eyes of my detractors, and in the face of those who ignore with prejudice what otherwise might have enlightened their minds, gladdened their hearts, and led them to a more profound understanding of their place in God’s eternal plan of happiness.


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